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The batch pints

Here they are…our pint containers!

The tops were late to the photo shoot, so they missed out on the fun in the grass….

Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

We had a lot of fun with our designer coming up with the design of the packaging.  We hope you like it too!

Branding & Design

As a small business, we have had to make decisions on how to spend our money to get ourselves recognized from the pack.  One area that we believe is critically important is the branding.  For us, this includes our logo identity, packaging, website, other touch points like Facebook fan page, booth design for tastings, t-shirts, even our aprons used while making the ice cream, etc.  As such, we have really made it a priority within our budget to have a great designer who can help us create these things.  I know just enough about the importance of branding from my experience working at Orange to know that I wish we could have a bigger budget for this!  However, we for sure are always thinking hard about how we can achieve what we want to, given our budget.

On this topic, one thing we really struggled with was when to introduce this website and our Facebook fan page.  Ideally, we would have wanted to wait until we had our logo identity and packaging design, and thus could have had these sites reflect that look and feel.  (We’re working just as hard on those things as our flavors.  It all takes time!)  We decided, given where we are in our launch schedule, to just put up these temporary sites and do a small launch of them to friends primarily.  The real ones will come…..!

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