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Hello, Boston!

We are a new ice cream company in Boston that plans to do some things differently from the rest of the pack.  We’re all about using local ingredients, like milk and cream and fruits, from small farms.  For those must-have quintessential flavors like chocolate and coffee, we’ll be using Fair Trade ingredients.  We’ll be making the ice cream fully from scratch…no one else does this, they use a mix that contains all sorts of things in it you cannot pronounce.  Our all natural ice cream will be free of stabilizers and those “gum” things they have in other ice creams. That means you can expect to have a smooth, fantastic tasting ice cream.

Where can you get our ice creams, you ask? Good question!  We’ll be selling it to shops, so look for it (or ask for it, please, please) at places around metro Boston initially.  We also plan to sell it to restaurants, caterers and make it available for catering or large parties.  So keep your eye out for us.  In the meantime, we’ve got a bunch of work to do to get there!

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