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Thank you for your interest in working with us.  We are not hiring at this time.  As soon as we are looking to add to our team, we will be post the info here. So please check back in again from time to time.

GQ’s take on our Salted Caramel

We know our Salted Caramel rocks because lots of you have told us so!  Now GQ magazine has found out about it as well and deemed it a Top 5 Store Bought Ice Cream.  Check it out.  Or better yet, go grab a pint!

This says it all

So simple but yet so on the mark…..thank you to all who support us and other small businesses!

Stop & Shop starts carrying Batch!

Big news!  We have hit the shelves at Stop & Shop!  As of this week, 21 select Stop & Shops in Massachusetts are now carrying Batch.  We’re kicking it into gear here, folks, AND taking over the ice cream aisle!

Here are the Stop & Shop locations where you can buy Batch:

  • Brookline
  • Framingham (2 locations)
  • Natick
  • Swampscott
  • Westboro
  • Norwell
  • Hingham
  • Watertown (2 locations)
  • South Boston
  • Boston (Mission Hill)
  • Dedham
  • Dorchester (South Bay Shopping Center)
  • Winchester
  • Acton
  • Cohasset
  • Reading
  • Lexington
  • Arlington
  • Bedford

Let us know if you’ve newly discovered Batch at one of these stores or are just happy to have more places to buy it.  We’d love to hear from you!

One day back in September 2009

Back in Sept 2009, Veronica and I had the idea to create an ice cream company.  Needless to say there was lots to figure out to do that – perfecting recipes (fun), figuring out permitting (not fun!), determining where to get all the right ingredients (hard), determining how much would it cost to produce our ideal ice creams (harder), etc., etc.  This list could go on and fill an entire page, but we’ll spare you those details.  However, one particular element of our efforts to research and launch the business has always stood out as a memorable moment – our visit with the Local Forager at Whole Foods River Street Cambridge that one day back in Sept 2009.

We’d heard that each Whole Foods had a Local Forager – someone who was tasked with finding locally made or grown products and bringing those into their specific store.  As Whole Foods River Street was the store that we actually shopped at ourselves, we naturally wanted to speak with their forager about our idea.

We both remember walking together with the forager over to their ice cream section where we then talked about our idea and how it all worked with getting a product in the store.  As we stood there and discussed this all with the forager, we looked around at all the ice cream shelves and envisioned the day that we would be on one of those shelves.

Well, that day has come.  We are happy to announce that we are now available in that very Whole Foods.

(For a list of all stores carrying Batch, check out this page.)

Dragons and Ice Cream

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon than with some Green Tea or Ginger ice cream?  Happy Chinese New Year!

Having fun with MOO

MOO.  No, not that MOO.  I’m talking MOO business cards. We decided to forgo the conventional route and (ironically) get these mini-cards.  You can MOO too – check out their site and then have all sorts of fun creating different designs for the backs of your business card.  And when you run into someone else with a MOO card, you’ll feel this weird connection.

So, what would you like on the backs of your business card?

We have a new flavor – Green Tea!

And we have a new flavor – Green Tea!  We make this with matcha.  Know what matcha is?  If so, then great and you’re up on what we’re up to here.  If not, let me explain what matcha is.  Matcha is shaded green tea leaves that are finely milled into a powder (like in the above picture.)  This stuff is great for you by the way, but I digress, ’cause you know, we’re talking about ice cream here.  Anyway, we worked with the tea experts at Somerville based MEM Tea to find an exquisite matcha for our ice cream.  (Big thanks to Gilbert over there!) Our creamy base along with this matcha results in a delectable tea flavor with a fabulous (and real!) color.

All Fall we have been working to finish up the recipe and roll this out.  Finally, with much excitement, we made the inaugural batch last week.  It will be rolled out to a few stores initially, starting at this week. Look for updates on our Facebook page and/or Twitter accounts for which stores will carry it first.  After that, it will continue to be rolled out to more stores.  If this is a flavor you want and your store of choice does not carry it, ask them to start carrying it!

Once you have a chance to try it, be sure to let us know what you think of this newest flavor – either on here, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter account.

Oh, and want to know more about matcha? Bon Appetit did a 2 page spread on it in their October issue – here’s a link to an abbreviated online version.

Boston Local Food Fest is Tomorrow!

It’s a local food extravaganza tomorrow at the Boston Local Food Fest!   We can’t wait as we had such a great time participating in it last year.  This is the place to be tomorrow…to eat like there’s no tomorrow.  The lineup of participating vendors is just fantastic – everyone from local chocolate maker Vianne Chocolat to Vermont Smoke & Cure to food trucks like Red Bones to restaurants like Sofra Bakery and more. Check out the entire list of food vendors here.  Additionally, there will be all sorts of demonstrations – butchering/cooking/pickling/eating local foods etc. to keep you more than entertained as you chow down.

This is a FREE event from 11am-5pm.  Every food item will be priced under $5. It’s next to the Children’s Museum on the Boston Waterfront at Fort Point Channel.

There were thousands of people last year, and they expect even more this year. So your best bet is to come by means other than car – like walk, bike, or by MBTA – it’s on the T’s red line (South Station) and silver line (Court House Station).  Consult the Getting There info on the BLFF site.

Come by & see us tomorrow!

Ice Cream Showdown 3 – Sept 11

Food Trucks have The Great Food Truck Race.  Pig-loving chefs have Cochon 555.  We have the Ice Cream Showdown!  You can bet we’re bringing salted caramel to this event (as well as another flavor)!  This is year #3 of this event, and it’s on Sunday, Sept 11 from 4-6pm at the Community Boathouse in Boston.  Ticket proceeds go to two really worthy local organizations – Lovin’ Spoonfuls and Community Servings.

For more details and how to buy tickets, click here

See you there!

Image credit: Eat Boston